Sunday, 22 July 2012


Dear Jellybean,

It's September. It's everyone's favorite wedding season month (and my birth month too). A lot of friends and acquaintances, have gotten married in this hot, steamy month. And now that Wedding Season 2012 is approaching, my romantic mind (damn, you, romantic mind) can't help but linger over our wedding. I've probably told you this a billion times already (and you've probably just smiled and nodded, and maybe even unbuttoned your shirt collar a bit from feeling a tad bit suffocated), but I'm one of those cliched girls who's pictured her wedding day since she was 6.

So...what was it like? Did I make a lot of demands on you - I promise I'll really, really try to not to be a Bridezilla (Is that show even on anymore?). I do, however, have always had some ideas in mind, including:

The proposal:
You know those romantic proposals? Did we have one of those? Did you take me to a beautiful hillside in the fall or spring? Did you have my favorite root beer laid out on a blanket? Did you give a speech about how we are going to spend the rest of our lives together and you couldn't see yourself marrying anyone but me? Did you say that my disability is the last thing you care about and that you see the real me inside - and always will? Did you whip out a cute little ring for my cute little finger?

Or did I take the reins and propose to you? Because you know darn well that I'm not THAT old-fashioned. I'm not above asking you to marry me. And trust me, it'll be more romantic than you could ever dream of.

The Wedding
Here are some things I've always thought a wedding should have...did we have them?
--A simple ceremony, preferably outside in a garden
--Our own written vows (and don't worry...I can write yours for me if you need me to; I won't refuse to marry you if you're not a wordsmith)
--Pink flowers
--A limo for me, complete with a root beer and apple juice mini-bar. Oh, and some of those bags of Chex Mix, please.

Did I wear a dress like this from Style Me Pretty?

The Honeymoon
--Someplace quiet and exotic, where it's just the two of us. Istanbul? Rio De Jeniero?
--I can guarantee it's going to be the best honeymoon you'll ever have

Until we meet...


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