Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Dear Jellybean,

Wow. So is this really my 11th letter to you, someone I have yet to even meet? I'm speechless. OK, well, not really speechless (trust me, you'll learn to love my Chatty Cathy ways, among other things), but it is quite a feat, isn't it? It's odd, but in all these letters I've written, I've honestly never had a picture of you in my head. I have no idea where we'll meet, what you'll look like and the more-likely-awkward things I'll say to you within the first 10 minutes of our date (I figure if that doesn't scare you away, nothing will).

Over the course of these 11 letters, I've laughed, I've said the wrong thing (more than once) and of course I've been my adorably dorky self. But the majority of letters have been about you, you, you. Take a look at this quote:

You know what it means to me? I haven't given myself enough credit, not just in these letters, but in my entire life. I've harped and criticized myself to near-death, and where has it gotten me? Yup. Nowhere. Not anywhere close to where I want to be. So you know what? I'll just say it: I'm going to rock your world. Trust me. Your life won't be complete until you meet me. You have no idea now, but your life is nowhere near as grand as it will be when you catch your first glimpse of me. I'm going to change your world, how you look at the world, how you look at people and especially how you look at yourself. It's going to be awesome, to say the least. I'm going to open up your world and expand your mind drug-free! When you meet me, you're going to inevitably say to yourself, "Damn, how did a girl like this stay single for so long?" and I'll say, "Because you took your sweet damn time finding your way to me." And then you'll laugh and I'll laugh. And then we'll pour ourselves a tall glass of Ice Tea at sunset...and maybe do other things.

Until we meet...


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