Saturday, 28 July 2012


Dear Jellybean,

Check out these pics -- the first one is actually somewhat of a dream of mine, albeit a bit cliched one. Who doesn't want to smooch someone like that in the pouring rain. Remember that AWESOME rain scene in The Notebook?

What? You never saw The Notebook? Don't worry. You will. How many times have I made you watch it yet?

"It's still not over"


Oh, and don't even get me started on Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, especially that lake scene...

What? You've never read the books or seen the movies? How much of a sheltered life did you live before I waltzed (yes, waltzed) into your life?

Isn't that how everyone wants to feel? To feel like someone can't breathe, someone can't sleep without you lying next to them, someone can't live without YOU? Maybe it's just another crazy thought of mine, but isn't that what love should be? Passionate. Enrapturing. Enduring. Swallows your heart whole?

And will I ever find it? Have you?

And you know what? I'm tired of people attacking me for believing in that fairytale. I'm sorry if I choose to be optimistic - some may call me unrealistic - but I feel like I have to keep believing that you're out there somewhere. I'm not saying fairy-tales don't come with some flaws and the occasional nightmare; I'm not as naive as all that, contrary to what some people may say. But isn't there a place for us where both can exist? Does it have to be one or the other ALL THE TIME?

I don't expect you to sweep me off my feet all the time (It's not your fault that you're not Jake Gyllenhaal or Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds, opps, sorry it's not yet man candy Monday...), but that's the whole point. What I'm so looking forward to is falling in love with the real you. That's incredibly sexy, isn't it? To love someone with all their eccentricities and flaws? And Lord knows, you'll discover over the years that I have plenty of those. But we'll still love each. Not in spite of them, but because of them. Because I want to fall in love with YOU, not some version of you. And I'm sure you want to fall in love with the real me, right? I'm not going to give you some watered-down, artificially flavored, preservative-filled, low-calorie, zero-fat version of myself when I can give you the real thing. Life is just too short for all the fakeness, isn't it?

So, get ready, because as the song goes: "Hold on. I'm coming."

Until we meet...


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