Friday, 3 August 2012


Dear Jellybean,

I’m a naturally confident person and am pretty much an in-your-face, frank and no-holds-barred kinda person. I’m a dominant, alpha personality and may Zeus help anyone who gets in the way of that. Although I do very much appreciate the same behaviour back.

But underneath all that, is still a layer of insecurity. Just like every girl out there, I’m insecure about my body and appearance (although I consciously fight it because I don’t agree with societal standards of beauty). I am insecure about whether people genuinely want me in their lives, or they just like the energy and fun I bring around in the moment that I’m there. Well the list goes on but the point is that I generally hide these insecurities and try to work them out on my own.

But I’m going to do my best to learn to be vulnerable with you. To let go of this need to control everything that goes on around me. To let you in and trust that you will never let me fall and that even if I do, that you will catch me.

I’m giving you full permission here to push me to open up, to force me to let go of that control and just be vulnerable with you. Because everyone needs a reminder that they have an emotional safety net sometimes. And I’ll do the exact same for you.



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