Friday, 19 October 2012


Dear Jellybean,

In winter, let’s curl up by the fire, sip some hot chocolate and watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special. 

When the flowers start to bloom in spring, we’ll cuddle on the couch and listen to the thunderstorms coming in with the wind. We can spend the day eating junk food and watching our favorite movies because that’s what rainy days are for.

In summer, we can sit out on the porch swing, drinking good beer and reading even better books. I’m going to want you to tell me all about yours and I will probably ask to borrow it. 

As the leaves start to turn, we'll make awesome Halloween costumes and watch scary movies until the sun comes up. Maybe I'll make fun of how your feet are always cold and you can make fun of my terrible puns. That won't stop me from telling you how hard I've "FALL-en" in love with you. (I mean, really. The puns are just terrible.)



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